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TEVO Tornado Specs & Overview – Best 3D Printer under 300$ to Buy?

Written by David

October 15, 2018

TEVO Tornado Full-aluminum Frame 3D Printer is a compact and small in size 3D Printer.


It provides you with a high standard of quality control and that too at a low price. The 3D printer has a full metal modular design that requires simple maintenance. It is having a stable structural design which is very easy to install or assemble. It doesn’t require any adjustment other than the expected bed-levelling.


The 3D printer comes with a fast heating AC heat bed which gives you a guaranteed flatness. You can set that hotbed to the desired level with a belt drive system. It also has a TEVO Titan Extruder that brings high performance, lightweight and universal extrusion to everyone. A fan cover is specially designed to protect you from accidentally touching the hot-end and also keep your prints cool. It also has a bigger cooling […]


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