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Teton Simulation’s Software Automatically Finds and Tests Optimal 3D Printing Parameters

Written by David

February 6, 2020

In order to achieve successful 3D prints, you need optimal print parameters. Enter slicing software, right? But, most slicers do not have a capability that would make things even easier – physical part simulation, in addition to a recommendation system for choosing those parameters.


US additive manufacturing software startup Teton Simulation , headquartered in Wyoming, is in the latter phases of R&D, and working towards production commercialization, for a really interesting technology called Intelligent Slicing.


Teton was one of eight companies selected to present at last year’s RAPID + TCT Innovation Auditions, and is planning to officially announce its technology at this year’s AMUG Conference in March. Doug Kenik “The job of a slicer is simple: convert part geometry to instructions for 3d printers. Modern slicers do a great job of accomplishing this while providing the user with near complete control over how a part is printed,” Teton’s […]


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