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Tethon 3D launches Bison 1000 desktop ceramic DLP machine

Tethon 3D launches Bison 1000 desktop ceramic DLP machine

Written by David

May 16, 2019

Tethon 3D Tethon 3D has launched its Bison 1000 desktop digital light processing (DLP) 3D printing system and will showcase the platform at RAPID + TCT in Detroit. Operating out of Nebraska, the company has been developing and commercialising ceramic resins and powders for 3D printing since 2014, but in the last year has moved to deliver its own 3D printing system optimised for ceramic and metal materials . Though Tethon’s portfolio of ceramic resins are hardware agnostic, the company felt it important that a DLP machine designed specifically to process ceramics was required. The result is the Bison 1000, which has been used by Tethon 3D to develop new resins in-house. All Tethon resins currently available are processable on the Bison 1000 and have been enhanced to ensure finished parts are denser and shrink less during sintering. Users will also have the ability to adjust the settings and […]


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