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Tel Aviv University: Researchers 3D Print Cardiac Patches & Cellularized Hearts

Written by David

April 23, 2019

Researchers at Tel Aviv University continue to try to meet the ongoing challenges in cardiac tissue engineering. In ‘ 3D Printing of Personalized Thick and Perfusable Cardiac Patches and Hearts ,’ authors Nadav Noor, Assaf Shapira, Reuven Edri, Idan Gal, Lior Wertheim, and Tal Dvir outline the steps they took to match technology with tissue. Cardiovascular disease is the leading killer of patients in the US, and organ donor and transplantation processes can still mean a long wait for those suffering from heart failure. Here, the authors demonstrate the need for alternative ways to treat the infarcted (usually referring to clogging of one of more arteries) heart. And while tissue engineering has pointed the way to freeing many patients from terrible physical suffering and organ donor waiting lists, creating the necessary scaffolds with true biocompatibility has presented obstacles. The authors have created an engineered cardiac patch meant to be […]


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