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TCPoly’s Unique Plastic Filament Is A Gamechanger for 3D Printing Manufacturing

The speed and flexibility of 3D printing has manufacturing companies excited — 70 percent of those surveyed in a global 3D printing study increased their related investments in 2018, versus 49 percent in 2017. But it’s still much more common to use 3D printing for initial prototyping or proof of concepts, with mass production often switching back to traditional manufacturing. Two startup co-founders think they can start to change that with a unique material they developed specifically with 3D printing in mind. “3D printing has historically been focused on prototyping and very small-scale manufacturing, but we’re at the point to where we’re transitioning our first customers to start doing higher volume,” says Thomas Bougher , CTO of materials and 3D printing services startup TCPoly . “We’re proving out that because the products that we make have higher value than products that are traditionally manufactured, it actually changes the economics […]


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