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Taiwanese researchers formulate self-healing glass for 3D printing

Taiwanese researchers formulate self-healing glass for 3D printing

Written by David

May 13, 2020

Researchers from National Central University , Taiwan have developed a UV and heat resistant, self-healing emulsion glass.


The impressive arsenal of properties makes the liquid-like solid (LLS) material perfect for a supporting medium, whereby UV and heat-curable inks (aka resins) can be ‘3D written’ directly into it and cured independently of the surrounding LLS.


The liquid-like glass was subjected to a number of mechanical tests to determine its suitability for a supporting medium. Photos via National Central University. Liquid-like solids and 3D writing According to the researchers, LLS materials can be used as a robust supporting medium for liquid inks. Using them to hold the ink in place while the ink solidifies helps maintain the intended written geometry. Without a supporting medium, gravity and the surface tension of the ink would result in fluid instability (a hot mess). For example, PDMS, an elastomer, is biocompatible, non-toxic, and optically clean […]


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