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T3DP’s new volumetric 3D printing process may finally pave way to 3D printed solar cells

A fascinating project, which began in 2013 but is still in its infancy, may finally bring together two of the most promising technologies of today: solar energy and 3D printing. Combining material science and advanced geometries, the startup T3DP is working on a new generation of 3D printed solar cells that could more than double the conversion efficiency of today’s flat solar panels, thus making 3D printed solar a truly viable and cost-effective solution. From a 3D printing point of view, the solution proposed by T3DP is based on a patented volumetric 3D printing process which leverages a study conducted by Stanford researchers on perovskite materials for solar cells as reported by Electrek. As the specialized online publication explains, perovskite is the “solar power media darling that is slowly inching toward the marketplace. Constant and quick evolution has earned it outsized attention […] some are suggesting pilot products in […]


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