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Swedish Man Climbs Mount Everest Using 3D Printed Gear

Swedish Man Climbs Mount Everest Using 3D Printed Gear

Written by David

March 31, 2019

Back to top Björn Lindwall is the founder and CEO of SolidEngineer, a Swedish software and consulting company, who decided to climb Mount Everest using 3D printed gear. In 2011, Björn Lindwall realized he wasn’t happy anymore and decided that the only way to overcome this was to leave his comfort zone. “I picked up stuff I grew up with again – mountaineering,” he explains. That’s how it started.” Lindwall took his hobby to the extreme and set his sights on carrying out expeditions to the highest mountains in the world before finally preparing for an ascent up Mount Everest in May of last year. That’s how he found himself at almost 50-years-old, navigating the treacherous terrain at Step Two of Everest, where his training was truly put to the test. He explains that you have to be “extra-prepared” here because if you fall, you’re gone forever. “When you […]


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