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Sweden to serve 3D-printed food to elderly in care homes

Sweden to serve 3D-printed food to elderly in care homes

Written by David

March 5, 2019

Swedish municipalities plan to start 3D-printed food at care homes for the elderly, stimulating residents’ appetites by making puréed food look like the real thing. “When you find it hard to chew and swallow, the food that exists today doesn’t look very appetising,” explained Richard Asplund, head of the catering department at Halmstad municipality on the west coast. “So the idea is to make something more aesthetic to look at, to make it look good to eat by recreating the original form of the food.” Together with its project partners, the municipality hopes to be able to take purified broccoli and chicken, which is today served in dull circular or square slabs thickened with egg and starch, and then reconstitute it into florets and drumsticks. “It will look like a chicken leg, but you could compare the consistency to panna cotta,” Asplund said. Evelina Höglund, the researcher coordinating the […]


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