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Sushi Singularity: the future of food is customized and 3D printed

Written by David

March 21, 2019

Satisfying a sushi craving is already an incredibly rewarding thing. Japanese startup Open Meals , however, believes it can make that experience even more rewarding, not just for your taste buds but for your overall body. The innovative company, which sparked interest at last year’s SXSW event for its 3D printed 8-bit sushi, is now proposing a new restaurant, Sushi Singularity, which will serve 3D printed sushi filled with the nutrients your body needs. Cell Cultured Tuna When I say “your body,” I mean it in the specific sense, as the company plans to base its sushi recipes on information derived from the diner’s biological samples. That is, the restaurant will send out a biological sample kit to customers before their dinner date at Sushi Singularity. Once sent back, the restaurant will analyze the client’s saliva, urine and stool samples to determine what nutrients they might be lacking. With […]


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