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Super Energy-Dense KeraCel Solid-State Batteries Attract Investor

Written by David

August 12, 2019

KeraCel , a Silicon Valley-based startup, which promises a breakthrough solid-state battery design and manufacturing method, has announced a strategic partnership with Musashi Seimitsu Industry – a Japanese Tier 1 automotive supplier.


The company says that its ceramic-based electrolytes, lithium metal anodes and 3D printing technologies will enable 2-3 times increase in energy density or alternatively the same energy level at less than half the cost . Musashi Seimitsu Industry invested in KeraCel (details were not disclosed) to accelerate the development and commercialize the new batteries:


“This long-term strategic partnership with KeraCel allows Musashi to have priority rights to produce and supply solid state batteries with KeraCel’s innovative 3D printing technologies, provide power system solutions to electric motorcycle market and explore other potential market opportunities as well.” The high energy density gains probably sound to good to be true, but we believe that finally some of these research teams […]

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