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Sunconomy to build its 1st 3D-printed house in Central Texas

Sunconomy to build its 1st 3D-printed house in Central Texas

Written by David

January 19, 2019

An Austin-based company is preparing to build one of the first 3D-printed houses in the country in Central Texas this year. In contrast to the pricy, time-consuming traditional home building process, Sunconomy touts its We Print Houses system as one that can build affordable homes in just two to three months. The flexibility of the 3D machine enables aesthetic attributes like curved walls that would otherwise be difficult or costly, Larry Haines, founder of We Print Houses, said. “(A person) can buy this home, an affordable home, that looks like it was made for a millionaire,” he said. Haines spent 35 years working in the construction industry before he began to dabble with 3D-printed houses in 2015, working with Russian company Apis Cor. His work with them eventually fell through, but his name was on their website for about a year. During that year, he amassed a list more […]


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