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Stratasys moves into metal 3D printing

Stratasys moves into metal 3D printing

Written by David

November 14, 2018

Stratasys is releasing more details of its new metal 3D printing platform being developed and designed for short-run metal applications. First unveiled earlier this year, the additive platform is based on Stratasys’ innovative “Layered Powder Metallurgy” (LPM) technology, designed to make production of metal parts quicker, easier and more cost-effective. The platform is being developed to combine the value of additive manufacturing with short-run metal parts production. The technology is built to drive improved efficiency and cost savings using standard Powder Metallurgy (PM) alloys, mechanical properties with high accuracy and controlled shrinkage, as well as extremely fast throughput. “We note that current approaches to 3D printing metals parts leave a lot to be desired – including slow post-processing, painstakingly intricate support removal, and hours of machining and grinding. Combined with the high cost of AM powders, this means each part is expensive, with a total cost of ownership that […]


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