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Stratasys color 3D printers validated for PANTONE

Stratasys unveiled a new agreement with Pantone – a leading global authority of professional color standards in multiple vertical industries. Under terms of the agreement, Stratasys becomes the first 3D printing solutions provider with technology officially designated as PANTONE Validated – reflecting the qualification and approval to simulate Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors on printed objects. The Stratasys J750 and J735 are the first 3D printing offerings fully endorsed by Pantone as meeting the standards of color quality and realism. Both Stratasys J750 and J735 PolyJet 3D Printers are endorsed by Pantone as meeting the PANTONE Validated standards of color quality and realism. Backed by this substantiation, these printers are aligned to meet the stringent requirements of design studios as they synchronize the design-to-manufacturing process. The agreement allows for simple and accurate color communication between designers, modelers and manufacturers – with easy “choose-and-print” color matching to Pantone identities. The […]


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