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STEP to STL – How to Convert STEP Files to STL

STEP to STL – How to Convert STEP Files to STL

Written by David

April 8, 2019

CAD lets you construct complex 3D models that can later be 3D printed. Find out how to bring these models to life by converting STEP to STL. Visualizations of a CAD file (left) and STL meshes (center and right). Source: i.Materialize Computer-aided design, or CAD, is a powerful tool for visually realizing complex components and assemblies. They allow for digital iterations to be made before physical prototypes are produced, saving time and labor in the design process. STEP is a file format for CAD. They’re useful for exchanging 3D models and can be read and edited by most CAD programs. The information that they store is quite detailed. The STL file format, on the other hand, is a common format used in 3D printing. Model information is stored as triangles woven into a mesh (seen above), which makes it easier for files to be translated into 3D printer G-code […]

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  1. Mark Parker

    Hello, First of all, I read your article and your information about STEP to STL it’s really amzing and so much helpful for me. Keep it up and Thank you very much.:)


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