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Spray-on touchscreen tech can adapt to almost any shape

Spray-on touchscreen tech can adapt to almost any shape

Written by David

June 30, 2020

Through a combination of 3D printing techniques and sprayable electronic technology, researchers have come up with a new kind of touchscreen display that can be adapted to almost any shape.


They’re calling it ProtoSpray. In the demonstration video below, you can see ProtoSpray working on a cube, a hemisphere shape, and a bendable Möbius strip-shaped tube, showing off the flexibility of the new process.


The team behind the work is hoping that it will encourage inventors and manufacturers to create interactive objects of all shapes and sizes. These objects combine a 3D-printed substrate, interconnected electrodes set out in a preset design, and an evenly distributed layer of electroluminescent (EL) ink, in whatever configuration is needed. The idea, say the researchers, is to get people thinking about displays in the same way as plastics or paints. The finished products partially light up when an […]


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