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Spectroplast’s Innovative Silicone 3D Printing Technology and its Applications

An award-winning additive manufacturing company, Spectroplast AG, has revolutionized the industrial market of 3D-printed products by developing the world’s first high-precision silicone 3D printing technology.


The new technology meets a longstanding demand for a cost- and time-effective rapid prototyping and mass production of highly customizable silicone products, previously not accessible with conventional 3D printing technology.


Industrial-scale 3D printing using silicone brings functional high-precision silicone parts and products to the mass market through a wide range of industries, such as automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, healthcare, and food manufacturing. Components with tailored shapes and mechanical properties can be produced on a large scale using additive manufacturing of silicone. First introduced more than 30 years ago, additive manufacturing was initially developed as a rapid prototyping method where a solid 3D object was built up in thin layers. Each layer corresponds to a slice (or a cross-section) of […]


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