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South Africa leads other emerging economies in key areas of additive manufacturing

Written by David

November 9, 2018

South Africa is one of the leaders in Additive Manufacturing (AM) among emerging and developing countries, Dr Jorge Vicente Lopes da Silva tells “Engineering News Online”. Lopes da Silva is an AM researcher at the Brazilian Federal Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation’s Renato Archer Information Technology Centre — CTI Renato Archer for short, in Portuguese. (AM is also popularly called 3D Printing.) “I think that South Africa is doing very well,” he affirms. “Perhaps South Africa is small enough to make it easy for people to work together. The CRPM [Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing, at the Central University of Technology] is fantastic! South Africa is doing very good things with medical applications and working with industry. In certain important aspects, South Africa is a model for us in Brazil.” With regard to other emerging countries, he points out that China is in a class of its […]


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