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Something Interesting About Continuous 3D Printing

35 I’m looking at some material from Robotfactory and noticed that print quality challenges are quite different. Robotfactory is an Italian 3D printing startup that produces the Sliding-3D desktop device, which we wrote about earlier this year . This is a highly unusual 3D printer that can print continuously. And by “continuously”, I mean literally continuously: the printer can unload prints on its own and proceed to the next print. It does this by printing objects on a kind of conveyor belt system. When the print is complete, the belt moves forward and prints separate from the belt as it curls around the end roller. Hopefully, you have a bucket ready to catch the dozens of parts spilling off the machine as they complete. You can see how it works in this video: But there is something else that’s quite interesting that I realized after reading some of their […]


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