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SnapMaker 2.0

SnapMaker 2.0

It makes sense having a machine that can switch from 3D printer to a laser cutter and then to a desktop CNC. The original SnapMaker did just this, and the first machine was met with a huge audience of dedicated follows.


Now version 2.0 aims to enhance the experience with three different models and an improved feature set. This should thrill many in the maker community as you’ll commonly see one if not all three machines in many maker shops, and of course they all use very similar technology. So the new SnapMaker 2.0 could be a real space saver.


The new models are the A150 which is similar in size and format to the original SnapMaker, the medium A250 and the large A350; all three use the same tool heads, it’s just the size that’s different. In this review, I’m looking at the SnapMaker A350. Design It’s common […]


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