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Smart3D Macro, a new production 3D printing platform

Smart3D Macro, a new production 3D printing platform

Written by David

September 22, 2020

Industry Supplies introduced the new Smart3D Macro platform, offering broad material capabilities, a large build volume and a print speed that makes it a real manufacturing engine.


The new system was designed in two form factors. On the office side, the Prototyping Unit (PU) serves the needs of designers and engineers working on product development. For the industrial space, the Production Module (PM) was conceived for machine operators running production batches on the manufacturing floor.


Each PM comprises four 3D printers, a dedicated computer, active drying thanks to the company’s Hybrid Drying Technology™ and advanced print farm management and automation features. With its up-to-120°C actively heated 350 x 350 x 400mm chamber, Macro is more than a printer of high-performance materials. It is a solution to print any material at its highest performance. The Smart3D team has gone a long way to ensure material properties are optimized, regardless if […]


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