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‘Smart” Seaweed-Carbon Material Responds to Environment

A composite material created from seaweed and graphene developed at Brown University is robust and can change in response to its environment. A team at Brown University has combined seaweed-derived alginate with graphene oxide to create a composite that is durable and can respond dynamically to its environment. The new hybrid material could be used in the design of other “smart” materials that can respond to external stimuli, making it a good fit for next-generation biomedical, environmental, and marine applications, they said in a Brown University news release . Brown University researchers have created a hybrid material out of seaweed-derived alginate and the nanomaterial graphene oxide. The 3D printing technique used to make the material enables the creation of intricate structures including the one above, which mimics the atomic lattice of graphene. (Image source: Wong Lab / Brown University) Scientists already use alginate—derived from seaweed—in biomedical applications, but one […]


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