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Small Jets For Big Swarms: Kratos Buys Turbine Tech Company

Small Jets For Big Swarms: Kratos Buys Turbine Tech Company

Written by David

March 1, 2019

DARPA Gremlins program, for which Kratos is partnered with Dynetics WASHINGTON: Eager to expand its drone and missile business for the coming era of swarm warfare, defense contractor Kratos just acquired a controlling interest in a small Florida firm that’s developing small, affordable, but highly efficient jet engines. Stacey Rock “These are engines that would fit on your tabletop and would go into things even smaller than a Predator,” said Stacey Rock, who’ll head the new Kratos Turbine Technologies division. “And this small jet engine market is growing: If you look at the systems that are coming out over the next five years, here’s hundreds of millions of dollars [of work]. We don’t want hundreds of ‘em, we want thousands … to overwhelm the threat.” Sure, the $60 million deal is just a blip on the radar of titans like Lockheed Martin. And the engines in question produce at […]


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