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SLS 3D Printing Problems and Solutions

SLS 3D Printing Problems and Solutions

Written by David

May 8, 2019

JawsTec operates with several cutting edge types of industrial nylon 3D printers. Two HP MJF 4210, an EOS P 396, and two EOS P 400’s. In this article problems and solutions will be discussed based on the SLS nylon powder printer (the EOS P series). Frequently asked questions will be addressed on consumer and producer based problems with the SLS process. If you would like to order a print of SLS or MJF please visit JawsTec for all your 3D printing needs at: Common Consumer Questions How does SLS work? SLS means selective laser sintering. A laser melts together layers of powder to create the part in a bed of powder, free of supports and surface issues where supports would connect. SLS printing is usually done with 120 microlayers. This provides the best quality parts with the highest dimensional accuracy without causing a build to fail. SLS creates […]


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