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Slovak researchers develop new “extremely strong” hybrid PETG composites

Slovak researchers develop new “extremely strong” hybrid PETG composites

Written by David

May 30, 2020

Researchers from the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the Slovak University of Technology have developed a set of new, low-cost hybrid materials for FFF 3D printing.


By reinforcing virgin and recycled PETG filament with expanded graphite, carbon fiber, and combinations of both, the team was able to enhance the mechanical and thermal properties of the neat PETG matrices.


Modified 3D printing filaments Fillers are often added to thermoplastic filaments to improve strength, thermal properties, conductivity, and even appearance. A large part of material science is simply experimenting with additives, testing the composite material, and repeating until the desired properties are attained. PETG, in particular, is known for its impact resistance, flexibility, and excellent chemical resistance. Hybrid PETG composites With the goal of creating a lower-cost PETG hybrid material without sacrificing any of its original properties, the […]


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