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SLM Solutions announces 21% increase for 2019

Written by David

January 9, 2020

German metal 3D printer manufacturer SLM Solutions has announced orders valued at €67.7 million for 2019, a 21% growth compared to 2018.


Meddah Hadjar, CEO of SLM Solutions, comments:


“The double-digit growth in order intake in 2019 under the current market conditions demonstrates that the multi-laser technology is critical for additive adoption in all market segments.”


“We continue to work on addressing organizational gaps and positioning the company for long-term growth. Our interest is the long-term potential of SLM Solutions’ technology, however, the team has worked hard and achieved great progress in the second half of 2019.”


According to Uwe Bögershausen, former CFO at SLM Solutions, the company’s order intake for the first quarter of 2019 decreased from the year before standing at €3.5 million from €8.9 million. This was attributed to a negative EBITDA trend is […]


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