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Shipments commence for full-color XRIZE industrial 3D printer

Written by David

November 14, 2019

Boston-based 3D printer manufacturer RIZE, Inc., has started commercial shipments for its new XRIZE industrial 3D printer.


The 3D printer, which was first announced a year ago, offers full-color 3D printing capabilities in an office-friendly packaging. Not only colorful, the XRIZE system is also built to print functional components from a range of non-toxic and recyclable materials as well as carbon composites and engineered polymers. This creates numerous applications for 3D printing in the production of intelligent parts with color, graphics, logos, QR codes and more.


RIZE believes its 3D printer will enable customers to achieve higher degrees of traceability thanks to this ability. The XRIZE system is based on the company’s patented Fused Filament Fabrication-Augmented Polymer Deposition (FFF-APD) technology, which combines material extrusion with ink jetting. In the process, parts are built up and colorized using a combination of extruded RIZIUM material and RIZIUM inks, the […]

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