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Shanghai Mechanized Construction and Polymaker 3D print a pedestrian bridge

Shanghai Mechanized Construction Group Co (SMCC), a Chinese construction company, and Polymaker , a 3D printing filament manufacturer, have partnered to 3D print a pedestrian bridge in Shanghai. The bridge will be installed in the Taopu Smart City , Putuo District. The Taopu Smart City was designed by a German architectural firm, HPP Architekten , and covers 4.2 square km of northwest Shanghai region. Testing of the 3D printed bridge in laboratory conditions. Image via Shine 3D printed architectural feats Even though a lot of applications of 3D printing are in the manufacturing sector, such as parts for automotive and aerospace, the technology has also shown architectural potential. Currently, NASA is exploring a Martian sustainable habitat made using automated 3D printers . On the Earth, this year in July a French family moved into a 3D printed house . Currently, a Dutch robotic and AM company MX3D is working […]


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