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Sending 3D Printed Parts and 3D Printers into Orbit

Sending 3D Printed Parts and 3D Printers into Orbit

Written by David

February 27, 2019

3D printers aren’t just for applications here on earth. NASA is aggressively using 3D printing to fabricate parts used on their spacecraft. They also sent a 3D printer into space and remotely fabricate parts from waste plastics. While we are familiar with 3D printing for manufacturing in industries such as automotive, medical, and defense, aerospace and deep space missions are finding more uses for 3D printed parts. The Orion spacecraft is part of NASA’s follow-up program to the now-retired space shuttles and it will enable astronauts to travel beyond the International Space Station. To help with this mission, the Orion capsule recently had more than 100 parts installed that were 3D printed. This was made possible by a collaborative effort that included defense contractor Lockheed Martin and several others. Using this approach that incorporated complex technologies, the team was able to develop parts and new materials that can withstand […]


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