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Self Healing Dynamic Polyurea Materials Show Significant Potential in 3D Printing

Written by David

July 9, 2019

International researchers have been working together to improve on self-healing polymers, outlining their success in creating a covalent urea bond in the recently published ‘

Dynamic covalent urea bonds and their potential for development of self-healing polymer materials .

’ In a world of smart devices, smart materials make the ultimate sense for the longevity of parts, electronics, and more. Self-healing polymers are equipped with the ability to repair defects before the integrity of a product is harmed. It is easy to see why industrial users—and ultimately, users on any level—would be interested in self-healing materials due to the potential for savings on the bottom line and extended performance.

This type of value could be beneficial to nearly any application. The authors explain that their focus turned to the urea bond due to its ‘pinnacle of stability’ and dynamic nature brought on through the mediation of zinc salts. Self-healing features […]

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