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Sekiro’s famous Shinobi prosthetic arm has been 3D printed

Sekiro’s famous Shinobi prosthetic arm has been 3D printed

Written by David

June 12, 2019

While E3 rages on in the background the maker community continues to work on their various projects with the latest being this: a full size recreation of the Shinobi prosthetic arm as seen in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice . T


he person behind this project is user Luvter who tells us that the decision to pursue this project was done for the same reason many are: they looked on the internet for a model to download and couldn’t find one, so they made it themselves.


To that end Luvter began modelling the arm in Fusion 360 with another community prop being used as the main reference. This process took two weeks of working, with between three and four hours per day put in, before it was completed. While that may sound like a decent amount of time for something this complex, it’s impressive given the fact that this was […]


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