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See How the World’s First 3D Printed Brake Caliper Held Up When Put to the Test

Bugatti made headlines earlier this year when it promised to have the world’s first 3D printed brake caliper ready for testing. Now, the company recently debuted that caliper, showcasing exactly how well it works in a new video on Volkswagen’s channel. According to Bugatti, the caliper is “the world’s largest 3D printed titanium pressure functional component ever produced on one of the most powerful brake test benches on the market.” It took over 45 hours to shape and melt this one titanium caliper with four lasers. While that process looked great on film, many car enthusiasts understood that process doesn’t work for large-scale manufacturing. And the test itself was far from easy. It simulated braking speeds as fast as 249 mph. There were plenty of flames in the test video, especially as the caliper got close to its limit. The disc reached temperatures of 1,877 Fahrenheit. The video does […]


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