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Secrets Behind VELO3D’s Decision To Build A “Stretch” Metal 3D Printer

Last month VELO3D unveiled their second 3D printer , and it is quite similar to the original Sapphire metal 3D printer, except for one main difference: the build volume is much taller.


While the original Sapphire’s cylindrical build volume is 315mm diameter by 400mm tall, the new tall version has a build volume of 1000mm tall with the same diameter, 315mm. The new “1 meter” Sapphire is to launch later this year. While “stretching” a 3D printer’s Z-axis is a relatively common practice among 3D printer manufacturers as it is usually technically straightforward, I wondered about VELO3D’s decision process. Why would they choose to do this particular upgrade? Is it just as straightforward […]


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