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Seattle’s second tallest tower realized with 3Diligent additive manufacturing

Written by David

March 8, 2019

Rainier Square Tower , a new 58-story building set to grace Seattle’s skyline in 2020, is to include 140 3D printed brackets. Made by Californian digital manufacturing service provider 3Diligent , the individual nodes used in the building’s cladding assembly have been produced to achieve the tower’s unusual quarter-pipe-like appearance. A redesign of the original Rainier Tower designed by Seattle-born architect Minoru Yamasaki, the new landmark building will feature a staggered series of floors, echoing features of the original and giving panoramic views. According to Wright Runstad & Company, the firm managing the $570 million Rainier development, “We are designing more than just a new skyscraper. We are building a place, right in the center of Seattle. All the buildings and open spaces in this block are part of the greater whole.”As in the words of the late Yamasaki: “A building must be like a human being. It must […]


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