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Sealy, world-class 3D printers set to create dissolvable medical implants

Written by Paul

October 9, 2018

Michael Sealy, assistant professor of mechanical and materials engineering, holds a basic example of the medical implants he’s designing via the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s 3D printers. Sealy is using the printers to build … As a kid, Michael Sealy was tall. A little clumsy, he says. And he has lasting proof: two metal screws in his left elbow. The southpaw underwent surgery after tripping and fracturing that elbow in the fifth grade. Surgeons inserted the screws to hold his ulna bone together. The bone healed. The screws remained. “It starts to hurt,” Sealy said of the elbow. “Sometimes it seems to be correlated with cold weather or a storm front moving in. Other times, it hurts—and of course my wife doesn’t believe me—when I’m doing chores, like carrying in the jug of milk or lifting clothes out of the washing machine.” Now an assistant professor at the University of […]

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