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Scientists find a way to 3D print one pill for all that ails you

Scientists find a way to 3D print one pill for all that ails you

Written by David

January 9, 2019

Multiple medications with different release times—all in one pill. Last year, the FDA approved a 3D-printed pill for the first time. And now, researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have developed a method to make 3D printing medicine even better. NUS Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Assistant Professor Soh Siow Ling, with the help of PhD student Sun Yajuan, created a cheap, simple way to prompt a 3D printer to create multiple medications with different release formulas—all in one pill. “For a long time, personalised medicine has been a mere concept as it was far too complex or expensive to be realised,” said Soh. “This new tablet fabrication method is a game changer—it is technically simple, relatively inexpensive and versatile. The desired medications per patient can be mapped out by a doctor or pharmacist through the design software. “The system is easy to use and does not involve […]


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