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Schwan Cosmetics reinvents itself with 3D-printed solutions and new designs

The German manufacturer of wood and plastic cosmetic pencils is continuing the transformation of its offer and organisation. After having introduced new airtight wooden pencils at MakeUp in Paris and a luxury a ceramic case at MakeUp in New York last year , Schwan Cosmetics has showcased new 3D-printed solutions and exclusive wood designs at the latest Cosmopack Worldwide Bologna . “ Consumers all around the world are becoming less and less willing to compromise on their cosmetics products: They are striving for both individualized and instagrammable solutions, constant newness, sustainability and transparency, ” explains Dagmar Chlosta, Chief Market Officer Schwan Cosmetics. In order to help cosmetics brands to address this new demand, Schwan Cosmetics wants to provide end-to-end solutions combining innovation , individualization and sustainability . Agility and individualization with 3D-printed solutions In order to increase its agility and offer brands of all sizes fast prototyping solutions with […]


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