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Sand 3D Printer – What Is It?

What 3D printing technology can revolutionize a 2,700-year-old technology, open new doors in modern architecture, and rejuvenate critical infrastructure? That would be a sand 3D printer. Find out all about it! The VoxelJet VX4000 sand 3D printer has a huge print bed volume. Source: Voxeljet As the name states, a sand 3D printer uses a working medium of sand-like materials, including actual silica sand, ceramics, or even metal particles. The technology is binder jetting , which uses a binder polymer to bind the particles together into a physical 3D model. This can be used to produce finished products or molds for an alternative material to be poured into. The history of sand 3D printing begins in the late 1990s with a German company, Generis, and with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the United States. Generis focused on sand 3D printing for metal casting molds while MIT developed and […]


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