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Samsung unveils new Galaxy Note 10 model with “instant” 3D scanning capabilities

Written by David

August 10, 2019

Samsung has unveiled its Galaxy Note 10 line of premium smartphones one of which comes equipped with 3D scanning capabilities.


Described as a “groundbreaking first for the Note,” the Galaxy Note10+ is installed with a DepthVision camera, allowing users to scan objects for instant 3D rendering. Samsung demonstrated the 3D scanning technology at the Note 10 launch event, where it was used to create photorealistic 3D model of a pink plushy named Bobby.


At the unveiling, the Samsung presenter explained that the scans can also be used to make copies of the object in a 3D printer. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 mobile phone. Image via Samsung. ToF camera on the Samsung Note10+ The DepthVision camera implemented in the Note10+ operates using Time-of-Flight (ToF) 3D technology. ToF scanning measures the distance between the camera and an object by recording the time it takes for a beam of infrared light […]

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