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S-Squared presents ARCS – the world’s largest 3D printer

S-Squared presents ARCS – the world’s largest 3D printer

Written by David

January 14, 2019

S-Squared engineers and technicians during calibration testing. (Image: PR Newswire) Last month, S-Squared presented ARCS, the world largest 3D printer . The letters ARCS stand for A utonomous R obotic C onstruction S ystem. S-Squared 3D Printers is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Long Island, New York. It also services 3D printers. S-Squared 4D Commercial is its construction division. ARCS is revolutionizing our approach to construction. It can build everything from commercial buildings to residential houses. It can also build infrastructure projects such as bridges and roads. ARCS builds cheaply and fast According to S-Squared’s President and Founder, Robert Smith , ARCS outperforms traditional construction in two ways: It is significantly faster. It can build things at considerably lower cost. He claims that his specialized 3D printer is up to 70% faster and cheaper than traditional construction. The company says that ARCS is currently the safest, most effective […]


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