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Russia reveals details of first bioprinted organ in space

Russia reveals details of first bioprinted organ in space

Written by David

December 10, 2018

Despite some rocky beginnings, Russia’s Organ.Aut 3D bioprinter successfully reached outer space earlier this week and is already being put to good use. According to Russian scientists, the zero-gravity bioprinter has already printed a mouse’s thyroid aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Readers might have already heard of the Organ.Aut bioprinter, as the Russian space agency attempted to launch the bioprinter into space this past October. Unfortunately, the machine was aboard a Soyuz spacecraft which crashed because of a liftoff malfunction . A sad beginning, but not the end for the bioprinting in space mission. Almost immediately after the crash, 3D Bioprinting Solutions —the Skolkovo-based company behind the bioprinter—set to work with Russia’s space agency to get another machine sent up to the ISS. The second attempt proved more successful as the Organ.Aut reportedly reached the ISS aboard a Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft on December 3rd. Since then, the astronauts […]


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