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Russia Invites US, Europe to Take Part in Experiment to Print Organs on ISS

Organ-Avt 3D bioprinter © Nikolai Galkin/TASS Russian scientists’ cooperation with US and European colleagues will help sophisticate the experiment for printing micro-organs on the International Space Station (ISS), Managing Partner of 3D Bioprinting Solutions Laboratory Yusef Khesuani told TASS on Tuesday. Russian researchers are currently acquainting their foreign colleagues with the results of the world’s first experiment for printing the living tissues of the mice’s thyroid gland and human cartilage with the help of the Organ-Avt space bioprinter. “Now we are informing our foreign colleagues about what we succeeded to do during the first experiment on the ISS. We are telling them about our bioprinter and other things so that they can understand what infrastructure we already have. We have drawn up several projects, which we have submitted for their study and which describe the operations where we can join efforts, proceeding from their infrastructure,” Khesuani said. Further on, […]


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