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ROKIT Healthcare develops novel 3D bioprinting method to treat lesions

Written by David

February 25, 2019

ROKIT Healthcare , a Korean 3D bioprinter manufacturer previously known as ROKIT, has introduced a novel 3D bioprinting method to treat scarred lesions. Using the company’s 3D bioprinter, the ROKIT INVIVO, to 3D print a patient’s autologous tissues and cells into a dermal patch graft. When placed on a wound, the 3D printed dermal patch graft enables the natural formation of new blood vessels (known as neovascularization) for effective regeneration of the skin. “It is a novel way of overcoming some of the most pronounced limitations associated with traditional stem cell therapy,” said Seok-Hwan You, Chief Executive Officer of ROKIT Healthcare. “Utilizing 3D bioprinting techniques allows for effective delivery of autologous cells unto the wound site, minimizing cell loss and greatly enhancing cell viability and proliferation.” The ROKIT INVIVO 3D printer. Photo via ROKIT Healthcare. 3D bioprinting to heal wounds According to You, “The current practice of directly injecting […]


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