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Rocket Crafters completes testing of 3D printed Comet engine

Rocket Crafters completes testing of 3D printed Comet engine

Written by David

May 19, 2020

U.S. space technology startup Rocket Crafters Inc. (RCI), has concluded testing of its Comet Series Hybrid 3D printed rocket engine.


Having completed 49 laboratory tests, the latest test firings were designed to be a large-scale proof of concept for Rocket Crafters’ STAR-3DTM hybrid rocket engines, ahead of a planned test flight later this year. “We’re excited about the data we’ve seen and to fly a rocket soon,” said Rob Fabian, Rocket Crafters President. “The engine performance for the tests were on track with models.” Rocket Crafters has finished testing its Comet rocket engines. Photo via John Kraus, Rocket Crafters. Rocket Crafting and additive manufacturing The Florida-based aerospace company has been developing its hybrid technology with the aim of producing a more reliable and affordable alternative for launching payloads into orbit. Rocket Crafters’ patented approach to engine design combines 3D printed solid rocket fuel grains and liquid propellants, in an […]


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