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Robots Built This Futuristic House That Generates More Energy Than it Needs

Robots Built This Futuristic House That Generates More Energy Than it Needs

Written by David

March 6, 2019

View Photos Step inside the newly completed DFAB House in Dübendorf, Switzerland, and you’ll be whisked away to a world of science fiction. From the swirling grooves on the 3D-printed ceiling panels to the networked household appliances (like an intelligent teapot that can seemingly be brought to a boil by itself), this experimental building is a snapshot of what our future homes could be—digitally planned and built by giant robots. Photo Categories: A view of the three-story DFAB House perched atop the NEST Building. Developed by eight ETH Zurich professors in collaboration with planning professionals and industry experts, the DFAB House is a three-story residential unit perched atop Empa and Eawag’s NEST research and innovation building. The DFAB House officially opened its doors at the end of February 2019. Construction began in 2017. Photo Categories: The structure showcases an array of pioneering ETH-developed construction processes, including: Mesh Mould technology, […]


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