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Robotics and 3D printing helping cancer patients

Robotics and 3D printing helping cancer patients

Written by David

November 5, 2018

Robotic technology is being used on breast cancer patients for the first time in the southern hemisphere. The da Vinci robot is being used at Sydney’s Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to perform mastectomies. Lilly Tikkanen, 47, is the second person in the southern hemisphere to have breast surgery using the system. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in April and was treated with chemotherapy. However, she needed both breasts removed due to her genetic risk. “The results exceeded my expectations to be honest,” she said. The surgeon uses a console to manipulate the robot’s tentacles and the tiny instruments. Each of the four arms on the robot has a camera to allow the surgeon to see more clearly. “It allows us to have a better view of the areas we need to operate on. That has been the primary focus for adopting it,” said Associate Professor Sanjay Warrier, Breast Surgeon […]


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