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Robot: hard worker, seeks job in additive manufacturing

 I was going to title this blog post “Where’s R2-D2?” but remembered that my editor allows me only one Star Wars reference per year. (Note: You’ve reached your quota for 2020.—Ed.) There are plenty of other robot references I could have pulled out: CHAPPiE, Baymax, and WALL-E among them.


But I’d prefer to spend my limited word count wondering why the advanced manufacturing technology known as 3D printing utilizes so few of these helpful little droids. Maybe robots are used more than I know. I write far less about additive manufacturing than I like, and therefore talk to fewer 3D printing people than the likes of Terry Wohler or my editor at The Additive Report . So it may simply be I haven’t come across the additive automation solutions that, in my opinion, the industry desperately needs if it’s to scale up as it should. (If you […]


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