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Rising from Humble Beginnings, A3DXYZ, an Upcoming 3D Printing Service Bureau from Satara, Maharashtra

India is a land of opportunity and now it is rapidly becoming the land of entrepreneurs. We are seeing a lot of first-time entrepreneurs starting and successfully running their businesses in various parts of the country. Lately, 3D printing has provided a great opportunity for youngsters to start their own businesses. And leveraging his experience & knowledge of the 3D printing technology, Avadhut Deshmukh, a 23-year old graduate from humble background started his own 3D printing service bureau, A3DXYZ , in 2018. He opened the service bureau in Karad city, in Maharashtra’s Satara district. Today, A3DXYZ has now become one of the fastest growing 3D printing service bureau in Satara, where such a business was literally never heard of before. Humble beginnings Founder of A3DXYZ, Avadhut Deshmukh, is deaf and dumb by birth and has faced numerous challenges while growing up. Facing these challenges head-on and with an aim […]


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