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Rigid.Ink Launches “The Institute of 3D Printing” to Teach Novices

Rigid.Ink Launches “The Institute of 3D Printing” to Teach Novices

Written by David

March 31, 2019

Back to top Rigid.Ink, the 3D printing filament company, has launched premium online 3D printing courses called “The Institute of 3D Printing” in what it’s calling an industry first. Rigid.Ink is teaching its members that are new to 3D printing the basics of what they need to know by launching a premium online course called The Institute of 3D Printing . A filament company releasing such a course is first for the 3D printing industry. Ed Tyson, the founder of the UK-based filament company, said: “There’s a ton of information out there, a lot of it confusing. And I think it’s this that’s keeping you from printing success.” To ensure success, the Rigid.Ink courses are “expert-led” and will be taught in a step-by-step manner to provide novices with the “full picture”. It comes from the many experiences of Rigid.Ink’s staff which they condensed to their “bible”. With this groundwork […]


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