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3D printer is making the healthcare sector more refined and efficient. FREMONT, CA:

In 1983, Chuck Hall, while working for an ultraviolet lamp manufacturing company, constructed the world’s first eye wash cup with a 3D printer and little did he know that this fabrication would revolutionize all industrial sectors.

From automobile manufacturers to healthcare operators, 3D technology has set the primary status of every enterprise a level higher. During digitization, as healthcare companies were finding dramatic ways to stay afloat in the competitive technological ecosystem, the infiltration of the 3D printer within a clinical workplace unlocked exclusive functionalities. With the cost of healthcare in the US skyrocketing and the supply chain complications, citizens found it difficult to trust the present state of clinical development . However, the transition of 3D technology within the healthcare research and development sector is showing great potential to mend the previously lost glory. Personalized […]